Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I'm Broken But He Sticks Around Anyway

This morning I had to ask C if I frightened him last night. I had this vague memory of seeing him in the doorway to the bedroom, kindof falling towards one of the walls. I also vaguely remember saying "I suck" to myself, rolling over and then blackness.

Turns out that in my attempt to get to bed before him, fall asleep and render myself unconscious to his snoring, I've also developed a nasty bout of night terrors. From what he tells me, he started to walk down the hall towards the bedroom. I "awoke" and screamed so loud he pretty much tried not to collapse to the floor while his heart was stopping.

All the while I've simply rolled over and gone right back to snoozing. Heartless bitch!

Thing is, I have done this to him in the past, and I have NO MEMORY of almost all the incidents. Just the vague imagery described above in this last experience. I figured it would just pass.

I can't use ear plugs when I sleep with C, because they cause an allergic reaction in my ears and throat that feel a lot like bad brochitis.

Apparently he can't sleep with me because - well, trying to approach the bed without setting off a night terror is causing him to consider purchasing those heart re-starter paddle thingies. Not to mention the fact that when I do scream, he then gets a nice shot of adrenaline to accompany him to bed. And then if he does go down, I'm not awake and coherent enough to know what's happening so he'd have to heart re-start paddle himself!

I did a bit of poking around on the internet. If what I found is in any way accurate, I've got a case of the night terrors. Or sometimes called sleep terrors. They are different from night mares because they occur in the first third of the night (or sleep cycle) and they aren't "dreams" with plots and things. They are simply flash like hallucinations combined with a sleep walking type state that cause the reaction. And the person doing the terroring can't remember a thing about it the next day. Wouldn't even know it happened if there wasn't a witness...or a heart attack victim on the floor.

Fan stinking tastic. I thought I was difficult to sleep with before....

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