Saturday, March 26, 2005

Technology Is Here to Help Me, Right?

Today C gave me the phrase "perfectly wrong". I don't remember what he was referring to when he said it, but damn if it hasn't become my new label for many things.

PerfectlyWrong: an illustrative example:

We buy a house. We discover the toilet lids have a feature. I don't know the technical term for it, but when you go to put the lid down, or even the "ring", it falls silently. The hinges have some kind of graduated falling mechanism in them.

It's the same kind of glee any kid growing up in the 80s felt when they got one of those new tape decks that had the slowly opening door triggered by the "eject" button. It was MAGIC!

Problem is, anytime I'm anywhere but my own home loo, I forget this feature isn't standardized. You see, the ladies room at the office is cleaned at least once a day during working hours. The rings are left up, I assume for drying.

My Pavlovized self goes in there, tips a ring forward and creates a most unwelcome KaBang! I've heard the startled gasps of other misfortunate souls in there at the same time I am when this happens.

And there you are: perfectly wrong.

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