Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Is it Just Me? Probably.

Dining out. More often than not, I notice that a hostess must seat patrons - only to have them want and/or demand to sit elsewhere. I can only guess at the reasons. "I don't like tables with chairs, I want a booth." "This one is too close to the bar and I'm afraid of ice." "This one is by a window. That will never do. I heard Chupacabra is on the loose and it attacks through windows."

Maybe it's a secret society thing. If you ask to be moved a certain number of times, use the code word and order the special, 33rd Degree Wizards will "take your order", instead of the regular staff. Wait, is it degrees in Masonry and Wizards in the Klan? I get my cultish secret society elements confused all the time.

I just don't understand it. How hard is it to let the hostess know before she seats you that you want something specific?

I asked to be moved once. We hadn't even gotten our rears in the proposed seats when we noticed we were surrounded on all sides by tables with about 3 small children per seated adult . I tend to cuss a lot and thought it best that I ask to be relocated before the heavy scowling of protective parents ruined my day.

C has a restaurant "why is that" question as well. He wonders why the servers taunt you with the condiment part of your order. For example, they bring you dressing in a little dish to go with your order, but the actual food doesn't show up for another 10 minutes. It makes him feel like he fell for a practical joke where where the food will never actually make it to the table. I'm sure there are all kinds of logical reasons why this occurs, but I choose to believe servers are just being evil.

I'm fairly certain I'd do the exact same thing.

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