Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Amazing Journey from Passover to Roll

C and I live in a neighborhood richly populated by orthodox jews. I did not know this until after we moved in. I began to notice that on the weekends, men with their curly cue side burn things, their hats and their families would be walking to - I guess church and all. C said that their particular belief is that you do not do any work on the sabbath, that driving a car is considered work and therefore they walk.

Very cool knowledge for me, since I am forever fascinated by differences in beliefs and the ultimate symbolism or physical acts of the believers.

Monday I notice that there are quite a few of them making their way on footmobile to - wherever... I made a note to self that I should find out if it was a jewish holiday. I got to work and completely forgot to take some time to look that up on the ever reliable net.

Monday night arrives and C and I rush off to make a concert with pals in Los Angeles. We were absolutely shocked that we were able to drive North on the 405 without stopping once, or even traveling under 50 mph. I started to hypothesize in the car again about all of the walkers I saw that morning and that it might be a holiday, or had we somehow found a parallel universe where freeways worked?

Upon entering the show venue, pal S said "Did you hear that? Did you hear what that guy said?" I hadn't, so I waited for her to repeat it. She said "He told me which directions our seats were, I said that's fabulous, and he said 'That's how we roll here' ". She was laughing, and I did not get it AT ALL.

I thought she told me he said "That's how we RULE here" and my combined mis-hearing and logic super powers came up with: "hm....that's slightly humorous...I guess...in a he's acknowledging this is his kingdom but not really...or in a retro 80s "I rule" way??"

I didn't think about it again...until...

This morning I had a bit of time before leaving for work. I visited a site I love called Running with Lawyers. Rufus makes me laugh, and I needed a laugh. His entry was the story of passover/exodus of the jews in told in his unique Rufus way. One of his commentors talked about Seder.

This led me to google Seder and Passover. Which led me to the fact that the first Seder was yesterday...

Which made me go "oh yeah!" and as a bonus, Rufus ended his story with a "that's how we roll here."

This caused me to sprint back into the bedroom where C was getting ready for work - and spill all of my new knowledge all over the place.

"It's passover, and yesterday was the first Seder, wich is why we saw the people walking around....and have you ever heard the phrase "that's how we roll here?"

He explained that Seder is pronounced say-der, not see-der as I still manage to call it, and then he explained that the roll thing is a hip-hopish type phrase, and "didn't you hear the guy say it last night?"

Felt a little like a Seinfeld episode with all the call-back jokes.

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