Saturday, April 02, 2005

Just In Case ...

Sometimes I just say stuff to C. Out loud. At the time, I actually believe what I'm saying makes ALL THE SENSE IN THE WORLD.

Tonight I'm at the table with C, as we are unwrapping our latest dvd binge. I see he has unwrapped AVP. Without even knowing it, I activate the automated program linking my thoughts and outside voice:

Me: "You know, I think AVP is a crappy movie."

C: "Mmkay. and...."

Me: "Well, you know. In case we are ever at a coctail party or the like, and someone says something about AVP, you should know that I think it's a crappy movie."

C: "Like, in case we end up on the Newlywed game or something."

Me: "Yeah."

Because coctail parties and game shows based on our knowledge of each other's film preferences are very much a part of our life?

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