Wednesday, April 13, 2005

For the Rest of His Life

The name of our other blog, the wedding blog, is "For the Rest of Your Life."

Everybody thinks it's so romantic and cute. I guess it would be, if it weren't us. That phrase was born from a fit of glee that comes from making C's eyes roll in that "oh yeah, it's her and she does that all the time/how did I not see that coming" way.

Here's the perfect example. The title of this blog similarly comes from an evil, eye rolling inducing glee: C and I were on the couch watching t.v. I started kicking his legs and making them wiggle. He was trying to watch his show and finally gave me the "the hell?" look. I gigglesaid "It's like you're dancing!"

The rest of his life thing was after he proposed and I said yes so fast he literally didn't hear me the first time. I made with the me being me and got my desired eye roll result. I said "FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! You get to deal with this forever now! OOO ahhhh!"

So you see, it's more of a sass than romance. Although one may argue that our sass is our romance. And I'd agree.

But anyway - the reason I started this post was so that I could share the kind of thing C gets to deal with FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE, and the reason I'm dangerous and need supervision.

C and I work at the same company. This provides me with a bit of brain skippage when I'm in the office and I forget that's where we are. " mean computer guy...? Can you come here and fix my computer?" That kind of thing.

Today, one of the attorneys walks by my desk and says "I saw your name somewhere the other day..." and without thinking, at all....I blurt out "OH NO! Not on the bathroom wall again!?" The attorney actually turned bright red and said "er...well, was something good, but I can't remember what it was now." He bolted. I called out after him "Ok, but if you remember what it was can ya let me know?"

Seriously. Don't give me scissors, because I'll run all the way down the block with them pointy side in.

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