Thursday, April 28, 2005

Don't Talk About Chocolate In The Bathroom

Lunchtime. I use the loo at the restaurant.

I'm washing my hands (Hot water this time!), and a strange lady approaches the sinks. She begins to wash her hands, looks directly at me and says "The chocolate flibbity flam (I forget the name of the pastry she used) is EXCELLENT!"

Why? Why did she feel the need to say this to me? Do restaurants now employ human spam to talk to you in the restroom about their product?

I realize that women typically have no problem carrying on a conversation while in the loo. I've done it, but only with people I know. Never with strangers.

I did not know the chocolate lady. We didn't even accidentally go for the same soap dispenser or anything like that. I'd really like to know what it is about me that says "Say anything to me, I love it." - because it needs to be turned off; and fast.

After all, I've been told that I look very unapproachable by people who haven't gotten to know me yet. It's not intentional - mostly due to the fact that I'm pretty near-sighted without my glasses - but if it keeps the bathroom, or other koo koo away - I'm all for it.

I returned to C and told him what happened. I asked "why?" and he had no answer.

He knew that I'd post about it, and he told me to write about another aspect of restaurant patrons that he has obsered. And to that I say:

Nah. Write it yourself. Your blog could use an update or five. Besides, you'd do it so much better than I could. WEAR IT!

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