Tuesday, April 05, 2005

My Idiot

Here's the obligatory "how I ended up blogging here" post.

C and I are in the final stages of wedding preparation. ("I just want to put on the dress, do the thing, get to a bar and drink myself into a coma...") Being less than enthusiastic about full-blown frou frou weddings or forced tradition, we have been somewhat reluctant to make this any more of a big deal than necessary to appease the respective Moms.
We thought a web site would be good for our out of town as well as all-to-familiar with us guests. We wanted something free, simple, and not attached to any of the very popular and I'll grant you - useful - wedding sites that are all over the net. I admit it is making something simple harder than it needs to be. But using one of them would be like admitting we were falling for the "special special you must spend gagillions of dollars on this moment and drink out of a shoe at the reception" thing we have always despised about weddings.

One day I'm exploring Google because, well, I'm silly like that. I click on "More" and was drawn to the orange and white B. I decided to make my own account and see if it was indeed, as easy as the walk through was telling me it was.

I posted a few times and managed to get pictures to appear. Right there I knew we had found our wedding website home. After all, if I could do that without the template dissappearing and somehow freezing up my computer - well we were already miles ahead of my progress at the office when faced with computer learning situations.

There was another, more important reason I started this.

You see, C is an amazing wit and intellectual. There's no way I could adequately represent these qualities of his so that you'd understand. When suggesting we use blogger as a wedding site, I mentioned that he should perhaps take the time to set up a personal blog of his own and put there some of the amazing thoughts, ideas and humor that make me love him so much.

And he's finally done it! It's an easy way to organize, memorialize and enjoy C.


Which leads me to the fact that I need to thank him for loading my Gir icon in my profile. He's a computer magician, and therefore knows a thing or twelve about links, posting pictures, editing links (seriously, I almost went blind trying to edit my links - the "edit me" still taunts me....) and so on.

I love him, but that hasn't stopped me from saying things like "You are now my picture posting bitch!" and "Don't go making your template all great and creative and not expect to do something for me too."

He is SUCH a lucky boy!

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