Thursday, April 07, 2005

Is That a Snake in Your Pants?

So I'm riding to work with C this morning after having picked up my coffee whistle and declining to take a coffee card from the cashier, when I start channeling:

Me: "I'm sooo going to work that angle."

C: "What angle?"

Me: "....I don't know."


At lunch with co-workers today. We start talking about pets. One of them (female) says: "I have a pet snake."

Me: "So do I!" And then I laughed like a 5-year-old. Everything is funny when you make it double entendre. It just is.

C was super thrilled when I made sure the whole table caught my meaning.

Co-worker: "He's an African Black ........" I didn't hear the rest, because after the first part of that sentence the 5-year-old in my head was screaming with laughter. Oh, and so was the outside, supposedly grown-up me at the table.

C: "So how many batteries does it take?" Do you see why we are perfect for each other?

Co-worker: "He's at least 4 feet long."

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