Saturday, April 30, 2005

We Talked About Birth, Spiders, Peacocks and Swarming Bees

While C and I were walking into a bar this evening, when we were stopped by a gentleman in a car. He looked to be about our age:

Guy in Car: "Do you happen to know where the nearest Tower, Virgin Mega Store or something like that is? Somewhere I can get music?"

Us: "Yeah, actually. There's a Best Buy over there..."

GIC: "Best Buy has music? Really? I had no idea!"

Us: "Go out there make a right, go left at the first light and then right into the parking lot."

GIC: "Wow. Best Buy has music. Wow. Thanks."


Me, hours C: "Is Best Buy just a West Coast thing or something?"

C: "No. It's going to take you all night to get your head around that, isn't it."


Some other memorable conversations from an evening with pals (most of which are engaged, married, expecting a kid or just had a kid - and various combinations thereof) :

V: "We took the baby saver and lamaze"

My inside voice --- "Baby saver? Is that like Tupperware?"

~ ~ ~ ~

J: "So V, no sex huh?"

V: "Nope, we couldn't see and I'd convinced T right there in the room that day to do it!"

The rest of us - our inside voice - "Did J just ask V if she's not getting any sex because she's pregnant? I think so, I swear that's just what we heard, and V is responding as if it's normal to talk about this?"

J, seeing our confusion: "The sex of the baby! I meant she didn't get to find out the sex of the baby!"

C: "A show of hands please....who else here was on the other page?"

~ ~ ~ ~

T: "So I look out the window and I see a giant peacock in our yard. Later when the cop stopped by, I asked him if he was here for the peacock. I thought they [police] were after me."

C, in a fit of his own creative hearing: "T, you might not want to say things to the police like 'The peacock is after me', they will lock you up."

~ ~ ~ ~

J: "There were a few times where a diaper was put on backwards."

~ ~ ~ ~

J: "The Dr. said 'we have something for the nerves if you want, it's nice, it will be just like drinking a glass of merlot' , and I said ' But I don't like merlot!'"

J: "After it was over, I asked for the drugs. The Dr. said 'we usually don't give the drugs to women at this stage', and I said 'I just had a human ass pulled out of my stomach. I don't know when a better time for drugs could be.'"

J: "It was the first view I ever had of F, was of his white pasty ass being pulled out of my stomach during the c-section."

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