Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Best Excuse In The World

So it seems I've discovered a get out of jail free card type excuse for my antics: "It's for a scavenger hunt."

Instantly shuts up all who inquire here.

In other news, I was completely enthralled with the little handicap parking space icon next to the word verification box in comments when I first noticed it. Problem was, when I clicked on it, I did not have my speakers on. So, there was a lot of "what the hell?"

Apparently I can't let things like that go, so the next time I tried it I guess my speakers were on. I was able to hear it call out the numbers. Giving me a creepy Lost sensation. Now that I've tested it, and realize it's a way to word verify with numbers, the world is right again.


Aisha T. said...

So THAT'S what it does. I was wondering about that. My speakers aren't plugged in right now either.

AndyT13 said...

Ditto the wondering. Loved the recap of Jeebus in Vegas. Re: live music; ugh. Why does THAT GUY have to ruin it for the rest of us. My feeling is if I can't hear people talking at the bar/tables I'm WAY too loud. Bars and restaurants that have live music are great and I like hearing a band or a guy but I'm totally with you on the stadium volume thing. It's SO hard to find musicians who can control their own volume, especially (ahem) drummers. Fear not; if you ever hear me play in such a place you'll be able to hear yourself eat. You'll never have to say Thankyouforplayingnowpleasebequiet.

BostonPobble said...

I am SO STEALING "it's for a scavenger hunt." If you try to use it next time and it's unavailable, you'll know I have it. I will return it when I'm done however. I promise.

ZooooM said...

Glad I could help, Aisha.

Andy, I need you to move to CA and get a job at my favorite restaurant. I don't want NO music, just volume control.

BBP, you are welcome to use the excuse whenever you want. It's gotten me out of so many tight spots lately, it's only fair I pass it to the next deserving soul.

BostonPobble said...

BBP. I like that. A lot. :)

Rev. Brandy said...

Love the creepy Lost numbers sensation. BTW --- did you see Lost this week? Totally redemptive week. Michael --- oh, my! He's completely turn-coated and check-mated the entire camp. It's delectable, and I'm addicted! Love it like I love me some Indian food! Finger-lickin' good.