Monday, May 01, 2006

Please Protest All Week

I am not politically educated. I'm guilty of the "that which doesn't affect me doesn't get my attention" type existence. I'm not necessarily proud of that, just cognizant of it.

Over the weekend I heard via the news that there is a huge protest going wherein people were asked not to go to work and not to spend money today. I do not know if it was only the immigrant workers that were supposed to do this, or the entire working world. (After posting, I will be looking up the details.)

What I do know is that my drive to work today was absolutely FABULOUS! So was obtaining my morning coffee. No lines. No crowding. No traffic on the freeway.

Insensitive as it might be, I find myself absolutely giddy with the lack of people trying to occupy the same space as me, today.

I do recognize that at some point, I will probably be inconvenienced by the protest. I actually hope that I am, so that I can realize what these people are fighting for. What I should probably be fighting for.

Until then, I am going to wrap myself in the glee that comes from being uninformed and able to drive 65 on the freeway.


Aisha T. said...

Zoom, you crack me up. Freedom on the freeway would make me say the same thing.

theresa said...

I feel the same way about University students in our town. We have tons of cool things here because of the HUGE University and the thousands and thousands of students, but man-o-man-o-MAN do I love it the week after graduation, when I can go downtown, park where I want, eat where I want, have a drink without being mauled, etc ... Nirvana!!!

As for the protest, even amongst immigrants and people who are strong supporters of their agenda, there's a lot of controversy about whether it's a good thing. I could argue it both ways.

AndyT13 said...

oh SWEET IGNORANCE! How I love it! :-) Eh, they're complaining because we want to make immigration tougher and crack down on illegals. I don't care either way really but I can tell you this: whatever the government
"does" about it will either have no effect or it will make things worse for everyone. I'm betting on the second choice. Anyway glad to see you posting. I hate it when you're away.

ZooooM said...

Aisha, I'm still jibber jabbering about the cool freeway driving even today. I did look up the details on the walk out though. I'm with T as, I can see both sides of it. That's about as deep as I can go with it.

T, we also have a university right next to our neighborhood. Same as you, we get giddy during spring break and after graduation. We run around saying "LOOK AT ALL THE PARKING!"

Andy, thanks for the welcome back. I just hope I don't make anyone sorry they came back.

Al said...

I just hope they don't start cracking down on the immagration of imported spirits

BostonPobble said...

Somewhere along the line, I stopped paying attention to what the current protest is. Maybe it's because there are So Many protests in Boston. Maybe it's because I cared so much (sometimes on one side, sometimes on the other) for so long. Or maybe I've just become an apathetic slug as I hit my mid-thirties. Whatever the reason, I know that organized protests and marches are generally, for me, more about how convenienced or inconveinced they make my life. Ah well.