Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Fuzzy Logic

Last night Mr. Zoom was watching the first X-Men movie on cable. During that show, they showed clips from the new X-Men movie. This caused Mr. Zoom to say:

"If you had wings, what in the world would possess you to get rid of them?!"

And forever striving to be helpful AND logical, I said:

"Maybe because you'd like to try a Red Bull once in a while?"

Which leads me to Lost. The season head exploder finale is on tonight. If you take that there example above and apply it to me trying to watch just one episode of Lost ...I'm sure you can deduce how it might make Mr. Zoom fear the experience.

The first season was great. Because while it was frustrating to have NO answers - the show was moving slow enough that even I thought I had a chance at catching some of the clues/symbolism/etc. Then comes season two - and I feel like all the clues are flying at me like lawn fertilizer pellets. Didn't everyone have siblings who chased them around with one of those contraptions screaming "It's POO!"


Ok, well - I think you get the idea anyway.


Aisha T. said...

*laugh* I love Zooom logic! Hey, I was watching it on cable to--probably at the same time *friieeeaakkeehhh* I am ashamed to admit (well not really since they were my favorite comic books) that I've already got my seats reserved for the 7:15pm show tomorrow. Why, you may ask, not the midnite? Because I promised D and his son I'd watch it with them and they are forcing me to wait 19hrs after the release. I'm going to have to be sucking down Red Bulls to keep amped.

AndyT13 said...

Wings. Red. Bull. Lost. X-Men. Wings. Red. X. Bull. Men. Lost.
You know sometmies I...I just...
can't. I concur with Mr. Zoom.
If you had wings you might want to remove them if you were trying to get back into Heaven to destroy the known universe by proving God is fallible then you'd remove your wings to become mortal then enter the church so you'd go to heaven and...wait, then Alanis Morissette would come out and sing you out of existence. Nevermind.

Polyman2 said...

Hey, kiddo.
Love X-men (and Y-women)

BostonPobble said...

Wow..."because you'd like to try a red bull once in a while..." brilliant. A friend of mine once told me that she thought she had a great, dry, sarcastic sense of humor until she listened to me. Now I know how she felt at the time.

Barry said...

I like the Zoooom logoc too. As far as Lost, my family watches it, I go home for a visit, (I have seen like 4 total episodes) so I try to watch - it is entertaining, but when you don't watch it all the time it makes as much sense as screen doors on a submarine.