Saturday, August 06, 2005

Can't Put It Down

C bought me the most marvelous book yesterday:

"Divided Minds" by Pamela Spiro Wagner and Carolyn S. Spiro, M.D.

Identical twin sisters, one has schizophrenia and the other doesnt. The true story of their lives growing up.

This thing is mesmerizing. And heartbreaking. And scarier than any horror story. And has already caused me to drool on myself in public as I sat there forgetting my body and reading this book.

I'm on page 40.

If this sounds the least bit interesting, do yourself a favor and buy this book. You will not be sorry.


Rev. Brandy said...

Oh, WONDERFUL! Having recently finished Jenna Jameson's memoir, and skimming through Wicked, for which I didn't really care --- I have to remember that when John Updike calls something "amazing," I am just not going to like it --- and having started Prep but not really been absorbed by it, this sounds perfect. I am ordering it now!

ZooooM said...

I think you are truly going to love it. If I didn't have an obligation already tonight, I'd sit home and read the book. I'll be interested to see what you think of it as well.