Monday, August 29, 2005

Not Even I Know Where It Comes From

C, after a discussion about whether we'd run away from a tropical storm if we lived in a threatened area: "There's nothing more expensive than regret."

Zoom: "What about a hooker with no holes?"

C: "Can you get that out of your system before my grandma gets here?"

Zoom: "I'm trying. Really, I am."


Al said...

Hey Guys,
I did three hurricanes last year. The first one took half of my shingles off, the second one came before I could get it fixed and it took actual pieces of roof (it's wierd to look in your attic and see sky). I got lucky and had my roof replaced two days after the second storm. No damage from the third one. I tried to get the family and pets out of town during the second and third storms, I would stay behind and secure everything - no one would go.
So three storms in 2 months = at total of no power for 15 days (in 90+ degree weather). Next time, anything over a Cat. 2 and I'm leaving. I did learned why people died so early in life before electricity. It was either from sheer boredom or the lack of AC forced them into psychotic demencia.

ZooooM said...

Man, that's incredible. C and I love rain and all, but 100+ wind tends to give us the wibblies. Here in CA, last year we had a run of tornadoes. They were little guys compared to what the midwest deals with, but they scared the crap out of me.

I can't imagine what an angry hurricane would be like to "sit though". And if I knew I'd come out ok in the end, it would be fun to do.

And the humidity. OH MY JEEBUS the humidity you guys have. I'll take my earthquakes and random Jr. tornadoes any day over the humidity.

Al, you are my new hurricane hero. Your family too.