Thursday, September 29, 2005

Emparedado De Joey

So I'm talking to MOJ today and she tells me another Joey story:

When she dropped him off at pre-school today, the teacher asked to speak with her for a moment.

The teacher said "Now, I realize that during story time, not every kid is going to be thrilled with the story...but yesterday during story time, Joey got up and went over to the window without saying anything to anyone. I became concerned, because he was just standing there looking out of the window."

She continued: "So I put the book down and walked over to where he was, and asked him if everything was "ok". He wouldn't respond, he just stood there silent looking at me. Then, when I asked him again...he said...

'I don't speak English'. And I know he speaks English. So why did he tell me he can't speak it in English? Do you speak Spanish at home?"

MOJ attempted to stifle a laugh when the teacher told her this. Apparently, Joey's Grandma speaks Spanish, but his normal "native" language is English.

MOJ leaned down to Joey and said "Did you tell the teacher you can't speak English?" Joey rolled his eyes and sighed. MOJ said "Why?"

Joey said "Sheesh Mommy, I was just bored, ok?"

And, I just remembered a story MOJ told me in the last week or two:

MOJ packs a lunch for Joey to take to school with him. On this particular day, Joey's Aunt did it because MOJ was working and couldn't do it.

When Joey came home from school, he said: "Mommy, we have to talk." MOJ said "Ok hon, what's the problem?" Joey put his index finger up to his eyeball, and said "Now PAY ATTENTION! When I went to open my lunch today [MOJ says he was acting out opening an invisible lunch box with his hands while he was telling her this], I open it up and inside was a HOT POTIT! YOU KNOW I DON'T LIKE HOT POTITS!" [Hot Potit = Hot Pocket].

How do you people raise kids without bursting out into hysterical laughter when they do this kind of thing?


Al said...

Joey Rocks! It's good to know that there is a new generation of smart asses around to take the torch from us. So to Joey, you have learned well little grasshopper, you have learned well.

theresa said...

Hey Baby! I got some Hot PoTits for you.

Oh My God! That's totally inappropriate.

Rev. Brandy said...

My little friend, Calvin, just started first grade. Apparently, he and Joey both came from the same mold.

Calvin's parents spend an awful lot of time reminding him --- about things he says and does, in passing --- "we don't do that where?" And he responds, rolling his eyes, "We don't do that at school."

It's really funny.

Apparently, he has had the teacher send many notes home and already had a parent/teacher conference because of some of the things he does and says at school --- clearly forgetting the cardinal rule. Calvin's mom said that after one particularly bruising day of first grade, Calvin returned home and was playing with the family pet --- a very vociferous kitty cat --- and as he was petting the meowing kitty, he shook his head and announced, "If this kitty was in MY teacher's class, she'd go to Level 5 just like that." Calvin's mom asked, "What's Level 5, honey?" Calvin said, "It's what happens when you talk too much."

Ryan said...

Well...Pizza Hot Pockets are kinda gross. They have this yellow slimy ooze thing going on. How 'bout a nice Philly Steak and Cheese HP for the kid? It's faaaaantastic.