Friday, September 02, 2005

It's Like Seeing a Movie Star Without Makeup

I can't do political, life saddening tragic circumstance commentary. I'm generally not able to obtain enough facts to argue/comment competently, so I leave it to those far more talented.

Today's post is simply a little idea that came to me while my mind was chewing on all of the media and blog coverage of Katrina. And that's all it is.

I've heard many comments that compare Katrina to the Tsunami of recent and Iraq. "If we can offer aid to them, why can't we do that here, on our own land?"

Isn't it possible that we, being the the people of the all powerful USA, have been led to believe that the government can do more than is actually possible? If the government has much control over the images and stories we receive from places like Iraq - and we've been shown things that lead us to believe we can seriously kick ass not only against other leaders, but Mother Nature herself - Isn't it possible that we've fallen for the airbrushed, magazine friendly model of the USA? And that while they are doing what they can, they can't make it look as good as easily when it's in our own back yard?

I'd like to credit Otter, the one I call the Managerial Otter of Scaggsville as being the catalyst for my thought.

And just like my political commentary skills, my fancy linking skills are non-existent.

Otter found the blog of an embedded reporter in Iraq and became one of this guy's biggest fans.

This has been banging around in my head like a pop up ad from the internet that won't go away.


Rev. Brandy said...


I think you make a very interesting point about maybe we've come to expect too much from our government . . .

Just like seeing a candid of Pam Anderson dropping off her kids at school and looking HARSH.

No_the_game said...

You are damn right. People think gov is the GOD and can do everything. But it is heartbreaking to see people are suffering and some knuckleheads taking advanatge of situation and raping woman. It shows ppl are assholes regardless: first world, seconds world, third world. Let's admit it most of us r worse than animals.

ZooooM said...

Rev! Hi, hope you are having a good vacation!

Nothegame - when I heard about the rapes of children, my stomach developed a rock the size of Texas. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. And as bad as it sounds, the very state of chaos that allowed a rape of a child allowed a bystander to shoot that person. It was a sad, horrific vigilante justice, but a tiny part of me was relieved that it happened (the shooting). The majority of me was sickened by the entire situation.

As much as we rail against control - I suppose that we as a people just went out and proved that we need it.