Sunday, September 25, 2005

It's Clearly Zach Braff's Fault

I love the t.v. show "Scrubs". I look forward to it like no other.

Which is why when "Garden State" came out with the deadly combination of Zach Braff and Natalie Portman, there was no dobut that Zoom and C were going to see it. C for the Natalie, me for the "Scrubs" connection, no matter how remote or irrelevant.

Loved the movie. I really did. But here's the thing that makes me want to kick Zach Braff in the male coolie if I ever, somehow, found myself face to face with him.

The soundtrack. It's a great soundtrack, and that is exactly the problem. It has been on constant rotation at the house of Zoom and C so much, that I'm ready for Operation Make It Stop. That is, to sneakily corrupt all of the itunes files and burn the physical version of it that resides in our cd holder, in the microwave. Over and over. And not just because I love fire.


The Idiot said...

....perhaps it's time for an addendum to my list of commandments

11. Thou shalt not destroy/corrupt/lose any one of the number of albums I have designated as perfect complete works. That is to say, if I enjoy every single track on the album, it does not matter that I play it over and over a again. I don't care if you have heard it 60 gagillion times, it is sacred and any attempt at tampering with it put's you on the smote list. endeth the lesson

Kathy said...

I loved that movie too, and you're right the soundtrack was great. I don't know that I would want a steady diet of it though.

(What happens if you end up on the smote list?!)

theresa said...

Sometimes too much of a good thing is ... errmmmm ... too much.

Except hot sex, of course!

I'm dyin' to know what the other 10 commandments are.

ZooooM said...

I'm Smoted! Actually, not - because I'd never tamper with anything. Ah, sweetie - you go ahead and cacoon yourself in that album if it makes you happy.

Kathy, I don't know what happens yet...

Super T, you are absolutely correct. You will have to get Idiot to UPDATE I'm guessing to find out what his other commandments are?? Hmmm?

Al said...

C'mon zoom - you know it's cause you love the fire. never put a cd in the microwave - must make fun sparks.
C - watch the cd collection. My wife has hidden "Sticky Fingers" and "The Meter's Greatest Hits". To retaliate I took her "Songs you know by heart" It was for her own good. I mean, please, we live in Florida - do you know how hard it is to escape Jimmy Buffett.