Sunday, September 04, 2005

I am My Own Circus

Friday night C and I went out with Skillit and her man. We were at one of our favorite Chinese restaruants.

When these little sauce dishes came out, Skillit turns to me and with the most serious look in her eyes said: "My sauce has a little mustard poo in it."

C immediately said "I like to call it MusTurd, myself."

And we laughed. And laughed. And of course I had to take a picture because I knew I wanted to put this conversation on the blog.

Our waitress became the circus leader. She began to tell us about how she and her friend were headed to "Pimp and Ho" in Vegas this weekend, and how she really didn't care about what we were saying to her [we were asking her for boxes for our leftovers at this point], because she was already checked out.

How her friend had a staff like object for "Pimp and Ho" with a giant orb on the top. But the staff had melted in the car, in the heat. So our waitress took it to Home Depot for repair. She explained that her cover story was that the item was "for a play". And how that story worked, unti another employee came over and flat out asked her "Pimp and Ho?"

And we laughed and laughed some more. We left her by saying "Take some pictures, we'd love to see how things turned out." As if we were going to come back next week and she would sit down with us and share?

I hope we do. Because that would be the weirdest talking to strangers story I've ever had. With pictures.

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