Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Ear Oh

Ok, here's the thing. I'm starting to wory that I've grown far too fond of my post shower ear cleaning routine.

I exit the shower, wrap up in towels and go right for a pair of Q-tips. Normal so far, right? Sure. Then I clean my ears, but I defy all of the warnings on the box and insert the Q-tip waaaaay in there. And I twist it around. AND I LOVE IT! Ok, still somewhat normal, maybe.

But recently I've taken to doing this little dance thing while I go in for another round - and I kid you not I said this to C the other day: "Sometimes I wonder if some of the nerve endings that were supposed to go in my coolie were accidentally placed in my ears....because THIS FEELS ALMOST AS GOOD as sex! Thank goodness I didn't discover this when I was twelve!" And then I'll do this little post orgasmic sigh thing.

Now who's talking not quite normal? That'd be me.

Now, at the risk of burning the eyes of some friends of ours that might be checking in on my koo koo blog....and regretting that they didn't lose this link right about now...let me just tell you that C and I have the great sex. Seriously. So it's not displaced sex needs, and if it is - then it's probably a good thing those needs are displaced because we do have to get to work at some point, and we have to do it fully clothed...if you get what I mean.

And I ask you. If sticking things in our ears was not intended, then why all the good sensitivity in there?


Rev. Brandy said...

I am cracking up.

Kathy said...

Demi Moore was on a late night talk show once (I think it was Arsenio, but I'm not positive) talking about this same thing. Apparently it is even better if you dip the Q-tip in rubbing alcohol first.

My son apparently experiences this same thing when he cleans his ears. The boy can go through more Q-tips than anyone I've ever seen!

ZooooM said...

I'm not alone! But I doubt rubbing alcohol will be on my Q-tips anytime soon. But then just look at the carrot cake thing for proof of how well I resist the "next level" of things.....