Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Stop Me Before I Talk Again.

C and I at lunch. Conversation goes like this:

C: "They really need a driving range around here."

Z: "Like automobile... or gun?"


I'm sitting at my desk and notice a red laser light on the wall in front of me. I say to the air "OK, who's messing with me?" and it goes away. An attorney walks by and says "What?" I explain to her that well, there was a red light there on the wall wiggling at me.

Yeah, I expected her to just back away slowly.

So she leaves and the light comes back. And I start laughing, and saying to the air "Seriously. Who is that!!" And I get up and start to look around for any hiding space someone can be in - and I find NOTHING.

The light keeps coming back, and I can tell that it CAN HEAR ME. Because every time I say "WHO ARE YOU!" and jump up to investigate, it goes away.

Finally C comes around the corner with the laser pointer, and he's giggling and very proud of himself. He had been able to hide clear down the hallway and bounce the light off of one of the name plates, onto the wall in front of me. And he could hear me talking to the air the whole time.

God I love him!


Rev. Brandy said...

THIS is why you will be married till you are both too old to remember life before you were married. I love these stories!

Kathy said...

Too funny! I can just picture this going on in a law office. I was almost expecting it to be the loo ghost.

Kathy said...

One more thing...send me some contact information for your office, and I'll come up with some reason for you to be surfing blogs. Even if I have to start doing legal research and sprinkling the results into my posts. (And if you actually knew me, you'd be rolling on the floor laughing when you thought of me doing legal research)

ZooooM said...

You guys are too kind.

ooooh. See? Loo Ghost! I should have taken that and ran with it. See? I NEED the blogs!