Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Sponges Are for Cleaning, Not Brains.

Automatic faucets. These are good things. I love that I can stick my hands in there, go for the soap, and get out without having to turn water on, off, or try to adjust the temperature.

Simple things make me happy. And, those of you getting to know me will probably agree that I really need all the help I can get - especially when it comes to faucets and knobs.

But as is usually the case, I've found a way to make even automatic faucetry a ZoomLiability. A Zoomability.

Yesterday I was in a public loo drying off my paws and I thought "Gee, that automatic faucet might be broken. It hasn't turned off la la."

Apparently the brain I own can create a logical string to anything, no matter how ridiculous, but it can't remember that the sink I'm using HAS KNOBS. Knobs that I, only seconds before, had turned on myself.

Thank goodness I was never wooed by Moonies. With my sponge of a brain, I'd have probably gone in, made Top Mooney and started my own little Mooney Camp - while my parents hired countless deprogrammers to ride by and throw me in a van for a stern talking to.


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