Monday, July 25, 2005

Work Hissy Fit

I know there are a lot of things in this world that could be worse than dealing with an incorrect fax number. I do know that. I'm not trying to say it is this monumental, life destroying thing.

BUT, there are few things that will make me do the eye roll, sigh, slog to the fax room with more pissed offness than an incorrect fax number on my document.

You have a number. It looks functional. It looks official. Just when you think your day is going fairly well ..... *dddiiing*, it's the fax room calling to say "This here letter doesn't have the right fax number on it. We've been trying to get it through for the last three hours, and appears the number you have listed here is actually a direct line to some kind of mime school."

And the thing that's most irritating is the fact that a fax number is probably the third easist piece of information to find on someone using the internet, if one isn't lucky enough to have the file right there on the desk with the correct number mocking

Stoopid mime schools. Stop with the fax numbers on my stuff already.

1 comment:

Rev. Brandy said...

STOOPID, indeed!

My personal favorite regarding fax numbers is when someone leaves a garbled phone number on your voice mail, you call back, and you get the screeching fax sound in your ear. THAT'S fun.