Sunday, July 03, 2005

It's Like You're Gardening

Originally uploaded by ivegotzooms.
Today C and I went to Home Depot. We needed wood chips for the front yard.

C also wanted to get some tools.

Because I can't resist pointy things, I immediately went for this blue pitch fork and started taking pictures.


Kathy said...

These are hilarious! It's *almost* like we got to come along with you. You know, except we weren't kicking the back of your seat asking if we're there yet, or insisting we stop for a drink...

Actually it was nothing like us being there. Nothing at all. But the pictures and commentary were very entertaining!

ZooooM said...

We went through all of that...and still have not gotten the wood chips in the front yard. But that's us. Take an entire day for a project, get side tracked with the childish fun, and then go home.