Monday, July 18, 2005

It Really Doesn't Take Much... entertain C and I. This weekend we found ourselves at a seafoodish type restaurant that is right on the water. We've been to this place a jillion times. Imagine our glee when we discovered that their brand new paging system is made up of red plastic pagers shaped just like little lobsters!

Now, I realize some of you have probably already encountered these. Because I know myself. If I find some sort of restaurant brick-a-brack to be entertaining, and new - then there's a 99.9 % chance said bric-a-brack is already yesterday's news to everyone else.

But that's ok with us.

And as you can see, we fall right into the hands of most advertisers.


Kathy said...

Oh too much fun! Rest assured, we here in Kansas don't have anything clever like that. Remember..we don't have Trader Jacks or IKEA.

Was there anyone around while C was up to his lobster antics?

ZooooM said...

Oh, there were lots of people around. We are just accustomed to acting like children no matter who's looking. =)