Sunday, July 24, 2005

Honey, Your Speaker is On.

C and I went to a wedding last night. I was very much looking forward to this one for a couple of reasons. It was the wedding of An and Ma (I've taken to making two letter references to people instead of one), who are good friends, and it was a double ceremony. First was the traditional Christian ceremony and next was the Parsi Zoroastrian one. I love learning about different religions and cultures. And what better way than having it acted out in front of you?

I liked the symbolism and the women's Parsi cothes were very pretty. During the ceremony, the Zoroastrian priests shower the couple with rice and rose petals. Ma being the Parsi by marriage started to get the giggles as they beaned him a few times with these things. We all started to chuckle.

And then my inner 3 year old woke up and I said to C "I want to throw things at Ma too!"

At the reception the tables had candles and a pile of rose petals in the center. When we were called for a group photo, I took a handful of the petals and went up to Ma. I said "I'm feeling a little left out, I want to throw stuff at you too." Then I did.

Later in the evenining is where C would say "Honey, your speaker is on" [meaning, it's ok to think those things, but really you might want to not say them out loud.]

An's Maid of Honor came by to say hello. I, attempting to be friendly and talkative said "I really liked your toast." Now, I should have just left it at that, but of course I didn't. I continued: "Normally, I snooze right through those, but yours was really good!" She looked at me, put on a "awww, you are a little strange" smile and patted me on the arm. "Thank you" she said "That...actually....makes me feel pretty good about it."

Then she moved on to the next table.

I looked at C and said "Seriously. What is it with me? Why? How do I not shut up sometimes, or most of the time?" He assured me it was ok. I wasn't totally sure, until...

An has recently graduated from a nursing program. She had invited a bunch of her fellow nurses to the wedding. There were about 2 tables full of them. We all couldn't believe these really pretty girls were indeed, real nurses. Many of the guys were saying "Gee, I've never encountered a nurse like that when I've been to the hospital! I'll go break my leg right now if I can have one of those!"

They had quite a bit to drink, so they began to dance with each other - and often break into a hair whipping, body jerking cheerleader type routines that had ALL eyes (and videocameras) on the dance floor.

For once, my speaker and inner 3 year old wouldn't have to worry about being the "can you believe" story. Those nurses became my favorite part of the reception.


The Idiot said...

....don't let her fool you. Zoom and her new purple dress were the hit of the wedding.

She looked AMAZING!

In fact, as much as I loathe weddings, I'd go to a lot more to be able to see Zoom in a new dress.

.....good frigging times

The Idiot said...

....but on a side note, one of my friends came up with the perfect summation.

As the drunken nurses were hard core getting jiggy with it out on the dance floor, he turns to me and says "When did this wedding turn into late night Cinemax? Seriously, Drunken Dancing Buxom Nurses!? This stuff writes itself."

Kathy said...

Wow! That must have been some reception. You West Coast kids really know how to kick up your heels!

So Zoom...why didn't you tell us about how amazing you looked? We have to hear these details from C?

BTW...I think your inner 3 year old sounds like great fun...and you should never squash her out. Look at all the stories you'd miss out on if you did!

ZooooM said...

Idiot, you are fired. Fired fired fired. So fired that if I were working at an El Pollo Loco and had chicken to sell you, I'd still refuse to sell it to you. Well, I guess that's not really showing how fired you are, but still.

Kathy, don't listen to him. He's just not accustomed to seeing me in dresses that aren't work related. He's a little touched in the head....

I need to hire those nurses for my own wedding.

Kathy said...

Zoom - I'm gonna listen to him. You've already convinced me about how wonderful he is...I'm pretty sure he's not touched in the head...just honest!

ZooooM said...

Kathy is fired too.