Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Office Supplybrows By Post-It

Someone left a package of purple post-it flags in the library at the office. There's really not much more I can tell you -- other than I was not surprised when C started putting them on. You know those collar holders that dry cleaners put on shirts? The ones our cleaner uses are sticky. One morning I got out of the shower to find C with two of those stuck to his head like crazy eyebrows.


Rev. Brandy said...


Kathy said...

It's a good look for him! Think he'll wear them during the wedding?

ZooooM said...

Oh man. You guys...I got a video (the camera has mini video capability) of him putting these on and making commentary to himself about it. He had no clue the video was running, he just thought I had pulled out the camera to take pictures which is completely normal for me. So he's going to town, making all this commentary to himself "Office manager, where are all the sticky notes? Oh, C used them all last night...arrrr YEAHHHHHH!" Then he posed for a picture and I said "um, I'm actually taking a little video here" and he shouts "YOU SUCK!" And started laughing.

I just wish there was a way to post the video on these blogs. I played it about 357 times when we got home last night.