Sunday, June 19, 2005

The A HA! Moment

Saw "Batman Begins" last night. I liked the movie far more than I expected I would. I also left the theater with these indisputable facts (for me, anyway):

Christian Bale's lips are always pursed in an "I'm about to say WHAT really loud and with emotion" pout.

It's hard to take a masked man fighting the evil with prominently displayed pre-what lippage seriously.


I want a bat-mobile. I want one bad.


madgirl said...

a bat-mobile would sure come in handy. i remember wantin a 'kit' real bad - that cool car knightrider useta drive before he started bummin round the beach :)

ZooooM said...


I remember Kit/Knightrider.

But seriously, this new bat-mobile could so kick everybody's car butt.

Kathy said... is the movie worth watching, just to see the car?

I wonder if the 16 year old would let me tag along to the movies with he and his gf if I bought the tickets?

ZooooM said...

The car is just icing. The movie itself is pretty dang good. I'd say go see it if you even think you'd be interested.

And as far as the 16 year old...I have no clue. I know what I was like in the years between 13 and 18, and it wasn't a proud time for me as far as respecting my parents. I wasn't horrible, but I railed and wanted to be alone a lot. It wasn't until I moved out at 22 that I truly appreciated my parents company and sought them out.