Friday, June 03, 2005

Wait, That's Not Normal...

C and I just returned from lunch. I was putting my purse away at my desk when I heard a "bzzz" and felt a tickle on my neck. Figuring I got my hair caught up in my necklace, I brushed the general area with my hand.

I saw this bee fly right into my "to be filed" box. It flew like it was a drunk bee. It wasn't huge, just normal size. It stood there on my papers doing what looked like washing its face with its front legs.

You might be saying "Um, you heard a bzz and thought it was your hair?" What can I say. Just remember this formula: If it's unpleasant to connect what I heard with what it most likely is, I'll pretend it's something else or I didn't hear it at all.

C does this too. Last night while he was out walking, I found a weed wacker in the garage. I fired it up and went to work on our weedgarden. When he came back, I said "And why haven't I been given the power of the weed wacker before now?" C said "...??We have a weed wacker?? Oh...oh yeah....oh. Oh NOOO." That example wasn't great, but whatever. This isn't a trial, so I think we will all emerge from the experience just fine.

At home, C is responsible for removal of all spiders. I decided he is now responsible for all bee removal at the office, too. I dialed up the extension and he came over with a roll of paper towels. He actually wrapped it up in paper towel and then took it back down the elevater. He went outside and let it go.

Everyone says you shouldn't work in the same office as your significant other. I disagree. Where I am concerned, working anywhere but the same office as C would be bad not just for me, but the people who would have to rescue me from bees and spiders. And melting computers.

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