Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Bird Vengance

How often does a blog update land on your head while you are carrying a cup of coffee back to your car?

The shopping center where I get my morning coffee has signs up that say "Warning: birds are nesting, they will try and kill you." Ok, maybe they don't say that word for word, but it is implied.

I had become de-sensitized to the warnings. After all, I had managed to walk through the danger zone for months without any bird attackage.

This morning though, I must have chosen the "threatening" costume from my closet. I'm shuffling back to my car with my large decaf in one hand, my keys in the other when ...

A bird lands on my head, pecks at me three times and flies away!

Thing is, I had no idea it was a bird. All I knew is that it felt like someone had walked up behind me, poked me in the hair with several pencils, and suddenly gone. And why did I think "pencils"? Who knows. Welcome to my think of something, anything thought process.

I whipped around, and all I saw was a lady emptying the trash cans. She giggled, made a motion to her head and then pointed to where the killer bird had landed and was giving me the stink eye.

I said back to him...not out loud....but with my own stare: "You are lucky, Mr. Bird, that my hair wasn't the curly tumbleweed today that it normally is. Ever hear of quicksand, Mr. Bird?"

1 comment:

Kathy said...

I keep forgetting to comment on this post. That evil nasty bird.

But you're right...how often does blog fodder just fall into your "hair" like that?