Sunday, June 26, 2005

Today I found God's Satellite Dish...

...and his speedboat.

After going to the gym today, I decided to explore the industrial area right behind it.

Imagine my surprise when I came across the Trinity Broadcasting Network building! I had no idea the studio was practically in my back yard.

I'm not religious. I don't watch their shows. But you can't help but notice them when you are channel surfing.

So yeah. I see the building and across the street is the their giant satellite dish and speed boat.

I was too chicken to get out of my car and take pictures of all of this. You see, there's been more than one occasion where I've drawn the attention and subsequent ire of a security guard in my quest to entertain myself.

Like, last week C had to work late unexpectedly. I almost always have my camera with me, so I just took the car and went to a mall in the area. I snapped some pictures, ate some food, spent about an hour and a half in the bookstore, and then went back to the office to pick him up.

Unfortunately, he had a few more hours of work to do. It was about 9pm at this point. Never being without the ability to entertain myself, I drive straight up to the fifth floor of the parking structure and park the truck.

It was the only car up there. I wanted to look over the side to see what the view was like. See what the street below looked like with traffic, maybe play with taking pictures from up there in the dark.

I had been out of the car maybe about 2 minutes when a security vehicle approached me and the occupant asked "what in the heck do you think you are doing up here?"

I replied: "OH, oh. oH. oH. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to spook anybody. my boyfriend works here. ....... and I work here too. ____ floor. Lawyer Lawyer and Lawyer. Yeah. He's working late and I'm waiting for him. I've never been up on this level in the dark before, so I was just looking."

He said "ok", but I knew it wasn't ok. I got back in the car and called C: "Honey, I just got questioned by security. Yeah, I was on the top of the parking structure. Um hm. I think I'll go home where I can't get arrested and you can call me when you are done."

And it's ok that people question what I'm doing. They have no way of knowing that I'm harmless. They are only doing their job. It's just that I don't always think things through before I act. Or look for the security cameras.


Kathy said...

That silly security guard. You should have told him you were checking his response times...and frankly you found them to be a bit slow. Then send him on his way with a warning that next time you'll be calling his superiors!

ZooooM said...

I wish I was quick enough to think of things like that...but I'm not. I also tend to feel sorry for people who end up with jobs that ultimately consist of "If someone weird is doing go in there and check it out."

C and I are going to Ikea tonight to return some merchandise we don't need!! But, I don't know if we will actually go into the "playing" part of the store. But I'll think about you and try to find a suggestion box. I need to tell them they need to build an Ikea near you!