Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I'm Not Just A Member

Because of my creative vision, I've decided that the Sasco trucks I've seen on the freeway are really Sassco. And if there's a company called Sassco, well I am most certainly their President, Founder, and CEO.

C says "It's SASco, not SASSco - as much as you'd like it to be SASS."
"But I am President!, it has to be Sassco" I say. Completely ignoring logic and facts.

This weekend while we were dining, we happened upon a Sasco company event. C just started laughing and said "Look honey, your company is having an event here!" I was so excited! There were my peeps, right there gathering, mingling, and having a good company time.

This event is also where I first learned that Sasco is an electric type company. I only learned that because the signs pointing to their event said "Sasco Electric."

I looked them up on the net today : www.sasco.com

They do electrical construction type stuff.

There's only one thing I didn't like. Without going into detail that might cause me to experience an "accident" involving magical electric wires, or being sued - I will tell you that it appears to this President that someone needs to be excused from the Sassco family.

I said to C, "My company needs me!"
He said, "Yes...oh yes, I know they do."

He's the best VP of Sass anyone could ever ask for.


Kathy said...

I don't know for sure...but if my employees were out having a party, gathering, mingling and such...and I wasn't invited...I'd better not see it showing up on anyone's expense report!

ZooooM said...

He he! You don't even know. I'm shy, but I love the idea of a company almost named Sassco so much that C had to hold me back! I wanted to go in and find someone and say "hi, would you guys consider changing the company name to Sassco? And then hiring me as your President? Because that would be so totally cool!"