Thursday, June 02, 2005

Reaching Around the NoFunFilter

Since I sometimes have to...HAVE TO... update from work, I can't always access all the features of this here nifty program. Our office web filter blocks all blogs. I can get around it - but only insomuch as I can type text in the "create update" and publish it. I just can't see what actually ends up there - nor can I access the comments that may or may not be left by people.

That up there there was a typical "Zoom has to explain the creation of the world before she just says what she means", and what I mean right now is: Hello nice person who commented today! I get auto e-mail forwarded to an e-mail account I CAN see during business hours...which is the only way I know you were there, or here, or .. you know.

I went to the gym last night and tried to use one of those eliptical machines where the arms and the legs are all going at the same time. All I can say is that I drive one of those about as well as I drive my truck - and I am a typical chick driver in that I am most excellent at curb pinball and I can only park the truck in those parking places that are perfectly straight by approaching them from the right.

I'm not sure why the gods of parking won't allow me to park when I approach from the left (if the spot is on my left as I drive up). It's as if the vehicle swells in size and refuses to get in there in a way that will 1. Allow me to open the door and exit my own vehicle and 2. Not result in angry "F You, way to park too close to my car" "rewards" on the car while I'm away.

When I first insisted I could park coming from any direction, I often found myself sooooo close to another car that I would ultimeately come to the conclusion: "Well, that's it. I'm going to have to leave my car here and run away, run far far away in humiliation, because there's no way this vehicle won't be damaging that vehicle without that vehicle moving, nice job princess dumbass."

Sometimes nice strangers would help direct me out of the mess I had gotten myself into. Should this happen in present day, I just throw up my hands and make a face at C - who then takes over for me.

Thank goodness I can back my butt out of the eliptical machine no matter what side I get in on, without the assistance of complete strangers. Although the "run away, run far far away" urge is still present.


Kathy said...

Your parking skills are directly opposite of mine! I only like the spots that are on my left. I'm left handed...I wonder if that has anything to do with it?

Good job on escaping the eliptical machine though. I'm pretty sure I would have injured myself!

ZooooM said...

Well, today I've got some time. So I think I'll research the left hand right hand thing. I'll probably get distracted and end up looking at flash movies with motorcycling kitty cats or something...

Thanks for stopping by, and now I can read your blog. You write well, with real words. You are my hero.