Monday, June 06, 2005

I Might be a Hater

This weekend C had to work for the firm at an off-site presentation type deal. He was the tech guy who got to set up all the computer stuff, but then he was pretty much free in the evenings.

We went to a Japanese restaurant for some sushi. Well, he eats sushi. I eat cheater sushi. A crunchy roll is about all the seaweed I can handle.

We were unfortunately seated next to some very important people. I don't know why they were so important, but they made sure everyone around knew they were. There were 3 of them.

A triumvirate of asshattery, if you will.

They were so very rude to our waitress. Notice I said "our" waitress. See, every time she came to our table for something, Mr. Important would snap his fingers or hiss out "MISSSSSS!" followed by his indignant request.

Mrs. Important couldn't talk. I'm not kidding. She had some health condition wherein all she could do was whisper, but it couldn't have been that serious since they were working out a way to have her play golf and be able to signal "fore". And she had enough wine to keep her whisper talk going for much of the evening.

During this getting-to-know-them session that was involuntary on our part, C's cell phone rang. He always keeps it on and with him when he's working.

The Important Trio went silent, turned to us and glared the most important how dare you glare at us I've ever seen! I was physically stunned at the coordinated effort they displayed.

They soon went back to talking about their most important grand child. The one who is so brilliant, they don't really know what to do with her. You see, she's nearly two and she watches Bob the Builder. She can say "hydraulic jack", so she therefore knows what it is and how it works.

I don't know a thing about kids, but something tells me that unless you wake up one day and she's built her own hydraulic jack there in the living room, she's probably just repeating what she hears. Although it sounds like she's pretty good at repeating the multi-syllabic words in the way I'm pretty good at making up words that don't, and never will, exist.

But that's not the issue. I recognize that I know nothing about kids or what qualifies one as super intelligent.

What I do know is that I find it very rude to snap at wait staff, especially if they are in the middle of serving another table. Even if that server works the neighboring table, it doesn't give those patrons the right to bark orders at them in the middle of their interactions with us.
At the end of the day, I suppose it's not going to make much of a difference. After all, I'm not the knower of all things right and wrong. And even if I were, can you imagine me trying to issue an aversive lecture?

"Ahem. You there, You are soo...sooo ugh! ........stooplickity....... *sigh* You need to ..... I can't belive you...... you think you are all chips and er...well YOU JUST SUCK!"

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