Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Well There Went That.

Turns out our crack IT department found a way to block the actual viewing of blogs from the office. *snif*. So while I can still update, I can't view it ... and I can't view any other blogs until I get home.

So to my commentors, I'm sorry. I can't even post replys to comments unless I'm at home. And some of you are in a different time zone than I am - so it's probably like midnight by the time I get to reply.

Back to talking to myself from the hours of 9am to 6pm, Monday through Friday.

And in the spirit of that, I'll make with the random tribute to someone even more able to laugh at herself than I am.

In the last few months, these are a few of the things that have honest to goodness happened to her:

1. She was running in high heels in a full, long dress in the streets of downtown LA, because she was late for a wedding. She tripped, and the contents of her purse went flying. People on the street helped her back up and helped her to re-fill her purse. She got to the wedding with a fair sized raspberry on her arm.

2. She went to audition for an infomercial, and her purse was stolen out of the truck of her car.

3. She was walking down the stairs a few weekends ago when her shoe came off and she fell down the stairs.

4. She went to work one day and spent that entire day explaining the phrase "I forgot my pants!" She had worn jeans in the car (for the drive to work) and meant to change into work appropriate pants when she got there. She forgot her pants.

5. Today she comes in and says "Yeah, last night I accidentally waxed off one half of one of my eyebrows. Don't try waxing at home."

Being able to laugh at yourself? Yes, I can. But if all of this had happened to me? I'd probably be in a little crying heap under my kitchen table chewing on chocolate bars.


Rev. Brandy said...


I fear my crack IT staff (of which I am a member, so this will be even more bitter when it happens) is going to figure out how to enforce the same. At which time I really will be a sniveling heap under my desk, gnawing on manilla folders and talking about how my fillings are allowing THEM to locate me.

Loved your tribute to the eternally clumsy girl with bad luck to boot. She needs a tribute.

Kathy said...

Ok...this just ain't right! I'm pretty sure that reading blogs is conducive to huge quantities of productivity... isn't it? I thought the time differences were bad enough.

*heavy sigh*