Thursday, June 16, 2005

Tectonic Plates Say "Get Over Yourself":

**This was originally going to be a post about how I'm having trouble picking things to write about lately. I mean, after having a bird land on my head, it was difficult to come up with interesting blog fodder. This post was originally titled something else. Then the earthquake happened right when I was writing this, so I changed the title.

A strange thing has happened to me since I've started regularly updating this blog. I always knew there was a chance people would find and read it. Never did I imagine that some of those people would come back, or even comment.

As it turns out, there are a couple of people out there who stop by regularly and make with the comments. I have also started reading and commenting on their blogs. I never would have found them if they hadn't commented. They are good humored, often insightful blogs; and I'm assuming people as well. I'm going to eventually bat my eyelids at the boy and ask him to make with the links in my humble blog to those blogs.

But that's not what I wanted to say, and of course I wandered off track.

What has happened is that I find myself questioning what I'm going to update with next. Before, I never even thought about it. I just started writing whatever appeared at the front of my consciousness and let' er' rip, as C would say. My only considerations were: Can I get fired for this? Can I get sued for this? Will someone I know find this and be hurt/offended? and the fact that I should probably avoid plastering our names and addresses all over the internet, especially within a personal blog that is essentially open to the entire world.

Now I'm questioning content in a different way: Is this worthy of writing about?

Well isn't that a giant pile of "who do I think I am" that I've climbed upon? And apparently made camp.

...*squeak*. We just had an earthquake and the building went sway....sway....we are 14 stories up.

I just ran to our administrator's office with the shaking hands and the 'ohmygodIhatethesethings". C is in a meeting with big important people, so I couldn't go running to his office. Our office admin got to babysit me for about 5 minutes.

The geologic website thingie says it was a 5. somethinsomethin out in San Berdo.

Well, I guess that just solves my little mind puzzle. I just wrote about my ability to sprint around the interior of our office like a big ol' sissy when we have an earthquake. I suppose the bar has been lowered enough that I can dang well write about anything now!


Rev. Brandy said...

"I'm going to eventually bat my eyelids at the boy and ask him to make with the links in my humble blog to those blogs . . . " I thought I would fall out of my discontinued-Pier-1 dining room chair (I hate when they discontinue my favorite things!) and roll around on the floor, laughing. You are the bomb, sister.

Chuck and Bob and I all have the same conversation, amongst ourselves, at different times, about what we are writing and why. Every time I think about scrapping all my self-absorbed little diary entries for something more deep and meaningful, I realize the reason I started writing the blog in the first place . . . to express myself, however that comes out. Not edit it and be real, whatever that means on any given afternoon.

I love reading your posts. You manage to articulate your experiences and thoughts in a way that is so funny and so accessible --- it's very entertaining. I mean: what a perfect way to interrupt your serious post --- but with an earthquake that caused you to freak out and seek solace in the presence of "the boy," first, then any available, less-panicked office occupant.

It's terrific, just as it is. Please keep it up.

Kathy said...

Please don't edit yourself or worry about what to write! Your writing style and sense of humor caught me the first time I read you...and you didn't even know I was coming back every day. Brandy's are "the bomb"!

As for your earthquake experience...yowser! I'll keep my tornadoes. At least I get advanced warning.

ZooooM said...

Brandy! My boy C has the disease where if he likes a restaurant, it goes away! It's so bad, friends won't tell us about new places.

Aww guys. Thanks so much for the kindness. I'm actually verklempt!

I promise, as long as California stays put enough for me to not pee myself, I'll just open up the "create post" and go to town.

And similarly, I'd like you both to know I very much enjoy your blogs. I learn what real words are supposed to look like!