Monday, June 13, 2005

Peeking Out from Under a Pile of Laundry...

Busy. Never have I used that word in reference to me so much as in the past year.

I've never been someone who could be bored. There's always something to read, something to organize, t.v. to watch, movies to watch, music to listen to, pictures to take, computer programs to learn or just sleeping to be had... well as the regular have tos: laundry, weeding, cleaning, feeding the critters, going to work every day, taking out the trash, washing the dishes, putting gas in the car, feeding myself, remembering the dry cleaning...etc.

Adding to the regular life is the extra stuff of doctor appointments, hair cuts, baby showers, weddings, birthday / graduation / pre-wedding / and going away parties, housewarmings, congrats on new job and impromptu gatherings, visits from family, dinner plans with friends, lunch plans with friends, and of course celebrations of Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Then I went and tried to add going to the gym 3 nights a week.

I'm having a really hard time fitting everything in **. It's not like we are living in squalor, and there are dirty dishes and newspapers creating a maze through the house. However, the weed situation is rapidly gaining on us and we now live in terror of neighborly communications.
Some neighbors on our street apparently have a yearly bruch where they invite everyone to come to their house. They were kind enough to call and invite us.

However, our immediate reaction to neighbors trying to contact us was: "Oh, oh man. Here it comes. They are concerned about the property values and here we are bringing everything down with our 1/3 stubborn, not supposed to be there grass, 1/3 real intentional plant, 1/3 radioactive crazy weed yard."

Oh, and there's currently a "shanty town" [C's description] of boxes on our front porch. Some badly needed furniture we ordered came in on Saturday and we still have to break down and dispose of the boxes.

I realize you make it work when you have to. There's no question when you've got family to provide for. The important stuff rises to the top and it's taken care of.

And I'm not complaining. I know I'm lucky to have a full, busy life.

I guess the whole point of this entry is to say "Wow. For all of you dealing with kids AND every day life, I don't know how you keep it all together, especially you single parents."

That, and me wondering regularly "How close are we to having a house interior we can just hose off?"

** It should be noted that I'm not doing this alone, either. C takes care of just as much around the house as I do, if not more. I only say "me" and "I", because I don't know if he's feeling the same squeeze I am. I tend to be a little perfectionistic - so one sock of mine lying on the dryer that should have been put away might bring me to claim that my entire house is out of order.


Kathy said...

Speaking as one single parent...I learned very quickly that a lot of things I used to stress about don't matter near as much as I thought they did. I will admit though, when my yard is getting out of hand, I try and time my arrivals and departures around my neighbors I don't actually have to come face to face with them.

To me, my priorities are a lot different now. Some of that is age, some of that is my life experiences. All of that adds up to a much happier "me" though.

I'm behind you 100% on that house you can just hose out. That would be sweet!

ZooooM said...

Thanks for the comment! =)

You are right. It is all priority. I try to remember that if it is truly important, I'll make time for it.

It's the whole "all or nothing" disease I've finally recognized in me and am trying to work through.

Rev. Brandy said...

I can tell you both that I am a single woman sharing space with a cat, and my house is often in various stages of littered-with-piles-of-clean-laundry . . . trash-needing-to-go-out . . . a threatening pile of shoes that has walked its way out of the closet and is loitering by the door, determined to trip me as I charge out, late every morning . . .

I laughed aloud at the "shanty town" of boxes on your porch --- oh, I can relate to that one! I often have the carcasses of new furniture fighting for space with the shoes for DAYS before I remember to stop walking past them and take them to the dumpster.

I think the reality is that we are all way busier than people used to be, and we have to suck it up and treat ourselves to two things:

1. Domestic help. By that, I mean, a monthly cleaning service (at least). Think about it. It makes so much sense, but we are all so hesitant to shell out the $100.00 it would cost to procure one because of the connotations. And the worst part is that everyone has them anymore. Start asking if your friends have considered it and see who 'fesses up. This is how I found out more of my friends had them than I could ever have imagined.

2. Landscaping help. It's the best money you'll spend after #1.

Everybody's doing it! Come on, it'll make you feel good!

ZooooM said...

My heard of shoes migrates too!

Yeah, we have friends who have the maid service and the gardeners. But most also have kids (or will in about 2 months). And we truly know that gardeners would do a much better job in all respects that we can.

I know I'm reluctant to let go of the cleaning chore because it's one of the things I seem to do pretty well. At least C seems to think so. We might just be a little afraid to admit we need help. And by we, I definitely mean me.

It might become one of those "After the wedding, can we get a _______" kind of deals. =)